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Brand Spankin' New Stuff, for Cheap!

September 28th, 2006 (12:22 pm)

Just added these pieces to the site...Go on and buy something before the sale ends! EVERYTHING is 20% off until midnight, weee!

Click here to Shop!

Sale away, Sale away, Sale away....

September 28th, 2006 (10:57 am)

Today is the last day of the SALE! Everything in my webstore is 20% OFF!!! And shipping is FREEEeeeeeEEE!!!

So that means this shirt is only $76...wowzah.

Click here to Shop!

two day SALE!!! FREE shipping!!!

September 27th, 2006 (09:13 am)

Hey folks! For today and tomorrow only EVERYTHING in my web store is 20% OFF!!! This is kinda rare, so go on and buy yourself somethin'...

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Kate Moss n' Me...

September 23rd, 2006 (12:20 pm)

Oh Kate, Kate, Kate...you maverick, you! The world thought you were too thin, but you became the most famous model of all time. The world thought you'd never recover from those awful coke photos, but you went on to land FIFTEEN major campaigns. And when you showed up at London Fashion Week last week in high waisted, flared pants the world said "SKINNY JEANS?! I NEVER LIKED THOSE!"

So thankfully, Kate, I've got your back.

NEW items added to my

Including the hottest pants you'll find this season...anywhere.


"....But their thunder was stolen by the appearance of Kate Moss in a conspicuously high-waisted pair of jeans. Moss - who is regularly photographed wearing Topshop clothes - sat in the front row of the show with her t-shirt snugly tucked into her flared jeans.

Fashion watchers will now expect to see the look picked up by women around the world. Is it too early to forecast the death of low-rise jeans?"

New Brooklyn Boutique

August 28th, 2006 (11:42 am)

Ok, so it's not really NEW it's just that they've moved to a new location...Sodafine is now in Williamsburg, yay!

Please go over and check it out, because my new fall collection is there alongside Supayana, Wooden Mustache, Dear Birthday, and lots of my favorite designers!

119 Grand St. (between Berry and Wythe)

Click here to see the Sodafine website

September 7th, Save the date!!!

August 19th, 2006 (01:02 pm)

Ok so mark your calendar--September 7th is the day of my trunk show and I expect to see a TON of people there!!! (oh, and click on the picture to see my new fall collection)

things you really, really, really need.

August 12th, 2006 (10:35 pm)

Ok my site is updated with phase one of F.A.L.L., plus there are new things in the sale section. Hop to!

new things...

August 9th, 2006 (04:21 pm)

I just updated my website for fall, so please check it out! And I promise that in the next couple of weeks I'll update the store...then the fall collection will be available for purchase.

Thanks for your support!
click here to see the new site

Au Revoir Simone

July 31st, 2006 (05:14 pm)

Thanks to everybody that's been checking out my web sale! I will put more up soon, so stay tuned....but for now I wanted to share some pictures of my weekend. I went upstate to do hair ande makeup for my dear friends in Au Revoir Simone at the filming of their first ever video. It's going to be sooooooooooooo amazing and hopefully you'll get to see it on vh1, Mtv, etc. Click on any of the pictures to go to their Myspace page, they are the very best!!!

Sale! Sale! Sale! Weeeeeeeee!

July 28th, 2006 (04:50 pm)

I've never had a sale before, but good grief it's about time! I'm selling some things at MORE than 50% off and everything is ONE OF A KIND, which means you get the most specialist thing ever...for dirt cheap! And, as always, shipping is freeeeeee!

Click here!