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laurelwells [userpic]

I need an Intern!

November 14th, 2006 (09:48 am)

I am looking for an intern ASAP!

You MUST be either attending school right now or have attended design school at some point (no offense to those of you who are just starting out in fashion--this is a very technical job). I'll take whatever hours you can give me!!! Oh yeah, and you must live in NYC.

I just need help with order fulfillment and organization. This means:

answering e-mails
organizing orders
shipping orders
trips to the factory
organizing patterns

You know, stuff like that! I am totally swamped at the moment and going out of town on the 21st, so I need an extra set of hands immediately! If you're interested, please send me a note with some qualifications and tell me why you'd like to intern with a small fashion company.

Thank you!!!!